Until today ,the Tag Heuer has a long history of more 150 years, It was created in 1860.It have been praise as a classic paradigm of the watch manufacture in Switzerland. With the intense competition in water market ,more and more attractive brand series arise around the world . Even so ,Tag Heuer still can stand out from the crowd .It has been creating all the time ,F1, SLR and GOLF are the new series of Heuer. Those are excellent series of sport watches. They equip with six indispensable features of the sport appearance . F1 is more preferred by the car racer, we can see that most race champion wear the Heuer F1. What’s more , F1 include ladies series ,the style is favored by elite ladies. Novel model with dazzling diamonds that cater for ladies’ pursuit .GOLF , a kind of quartz stopwatch ,is regarded as a professional sport wrist watch .

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